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Elders' & Ministers' Wives


Mother Sarah Loreatha Sorrells Butler was born in Austin, Texas.  She was saved and baptized with the Holy Ghost and baptized in water as a child. At 4 years old she helped her Sunday school teacher with the card class.  As she worked with the children, Father Christmas was visiting and noticed her and told the church she has a special gift working with children and no one would be able to take it away from her. Mother had a

special gift working with preacher’s wives and their children.


In the early fifties, she met a young minister stationed at Bergstrom A.F.B., Sgt James Rudolph Butler who as a teenager who traveled the East Coast with Evangelist Morgan Powell.  They were united in Holy Matrimony and then transferred to Lake Charles A.F.B.


Mother Bulter has been serving in the Church of God in Christ all of her life from serving as President of Y.P.W.W. and Sunday School Teacher for boys ages 10-12 years old. Mother Butler's husband got permission from Bishop Mason to fellowship with Pastor Gardner, where she served as the Musician and President of the Sunshine Band. In the local church, she served as a wife of assistant Pastor, Administrative assistant’s wife, District Superintendent wife, Jurisdictional President Pastors & Minister’s Wives, President of hospitality, Prayer & Bible Band teacher, Musician and Director of Senior Choir, President of the Ever Ready Club and, Sunshine Band President.


Mother Butler is currently the Founder and Executive Director of Kent County Community Action Agency, Inc. She has been in business 40 years caring and feeding indigent children.


Mother Butler is known all over the country as a pioneer in caring for children and assisting mother's and wives in the church. Mother Butler was known by C.O.G.I.C. Women’s Department for bringing street children to the Convention’s Red Card under Dr. Hensley, Dr. Howard and now Dr. Pace, Adjutant Sister under Mother York, 2nd Vice President to the founder of Pastor’s & Elders and Minister’s Wives Beatrice Mason, Under of auspices of Sister Mason wrote the first handbook.  It was reviewed by Dr. McGregor Jones. She was Vice President to D.L. Smith, appointed by Dr. McGlothan. Mother Butler was appointed vice president to Mary Golden and Co-President by Mother McGlothan.


When the Pastor’s Wives was separated, Mother Bulter was asked to serve by Mother Willie Mae Rivers to chair the Elders and Ministers Wives Circle. She was elected the first Pastor and Ministers Lady of the Year.  In 2015, Mother Butler was chosen 1 of 150 Most Influential Women in the Church of God In Christ and in 2017, Mother Butler was appointed Chairperson of the Elder’s & Minister’s Wives Circle by Mother McCoo Lewis. In early, 2018 she was made Co-Chairperson along with Missionary Celisa Jackosn to serve in the International Department of Women.


Purple is the color of good judgment. It's the color of people seeking spiritual fulfillment. Purple has been used to symbolize royalty.

Our Mission

Elders' & Ministers' Wives

Handbook & Guide

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National Handbook for Elders' and Ministers' Wives Circle was designed to spiritually educate the Elder’s/Minister’s Wife; help her to understand her role and her husband’s role in the home, church, and community. It will assist wives in reaching their fullest potential by developing relationships with the Lord and each other. This book contains the Purpose, Duties of Officers, Theme, Color, Flower and Motto.

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