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Our Story

In the year of 2004, our Saintly Mother Willie Mae Rivers, The National General Mother/Supervisor of the Church of God in Christ Women's Department, saw a need to separate the Pastor's wives from the Elder's and Minister's wives.

The Elders' and Ministers' Wives Circle was established and Evangelist Mother Sarah L. Butler was appointed to chair this Circle. In 2012, Missionary Celisa M. Jackson was appointed Vice President to the Circle.

Where there is confusion your very presence should be peace. You should be able to sedate your audience.

Our Mission

Connecting wives of Elders & Ministers to spiritually educate her to understand her role and her husband's role in the home, church, and community.


Our Mission

Our Vision

To provide support, training, encouragement, and understanding for the wives who hold such unique positions globally. For wives to reach their fullest potential by developing relationships with the Lord and each other.

If You Would Like to Make a Donation to the Circle please follow the example below and mail it to the following address: 

Lady Leornese Kathy Jackson

7550 Constantinople Ave.
Las Vegas, NV   89129

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